Real Time Gross Settlement

NiMble has acquired in depth skills in successfully implementing RTGS for Central Banks. We assist our clients with RTGS logic, design, specification and implementation. We also provide support after “Go Live” for the system to mature and be productive for the objectives set by the client.

At NiMble our approach to RTGS implementation starts from collaborative identification of the different users requirement which is then mapped to the client’s needs and business logic. This is then converted into the system architecture and an RFP is developed to get an appropriate vendor. At the same time technical infrastructure architecture is also designed and RFP created for identifying appropriate vendor. NiMble will also assist in the evaluation of the bidding documents and if required by the client will Project Manage the implementation on behalf of the client.

NiMble believes in ensuring best practices use and compliance with international standards and use of the best technology. We make sure the client gets the best output from our integrated services.

Cash Processing Centre

NiMble has acquired in depth skills in successfully designing and implementing bulk cash handling and processing solutions. The solutions range from commercial cash processing centre, cash in transit to ATM replishinments services all under one roof. At NiMble the focus is on integration of workflow, movement security and efficient customer services to ensure that Cash Processing Centre is performing with profitability and customer satisfaction.

NiMble offers a complete Turn Key project starting from the design of the centre to equipping it, securing internally and externally and having secured and efficient transport fleet. At NiMble our approach to cash processing solutions design is simple: Cash processing solution based on secure cash transit to automated cash processing and other services which is cost effective and provides a platform for profitable service business.

Renewable Energy and Biofuels

NiMble offers comprehensive consulting services to the renewable energy and biofuel sector. Over the years we have acquires in depth skills in Jatropha bio diesel sector from plantations of Jatropha trees to conversion of its fruits to bio diesel. We provide clients with the project white paper, project feasibility, technical experts listing, project management experience, and world-wide industry contacts required to develop a successful energy or biofuel venture/project.

  • Project Development and Advisory
  • Project Evaluation Services
  • Technology Assessments
  • Plantation Land Assessments
  • Plantation Growing Strategy
  • Plant Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Program Management
  • Financial and Market Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction At NiMble we believe that the key to finding a solution is flexibility and three-dimensional thinking. Our approach is flexible and we assist the client in designing a cost effective integrated and unique different business mode which is sustainable and risk managed based on its logic which is quickly adaptable and take advantage of ever changing markets and global conditions. It’s also eco friendly as we say in NiMble, there is no wrong way to protect our planet, there are only better ways.