New Business Development

Most of the companies look at the possibilities of growth through horizontal business opportunities. This is another crucial addition to the company’s management teams on their ‘to – do’ lists. NiMble provides the services of business development that helps management teams to realize their growth goals and for new business owners to create their business.

Listing of the services:

  • Business idea to a white paper
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Package for the Investors and Banks
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Operational Plan including budgeting
  • Implementation Project Management
  • Training and handover

We at NiMble also provide in addition to helping new business owners with the creation of their business, structured control and monitoring services to assist them in the day-to-day operations of their business.

We at NiMble are proud to claim that we have deep expertise in new business ideas development into full fledge businesses which are not only successful but with competent management and with 5 year plan of growth and risk management.

We at NiMble are proud to claim that we have deep expertise in business improvement enabling processes and strong abilities in facilitating brainstorming sessions and workshops thus bring out the best of the management team and as we believe they know the business well and we know how best to facilitate and mind mapping the business improvement ideas.