NiMble SME Partners


In assisting companies to excel and maximise profitability, NiMBle always ensure that the clients have the best systems in place. To do this NiMble collaborates with its partner Reliable which specializes in providing all the IT solutions and services.
Reliable believes that IT is one of the key agents for the growth of any business. Along with NiMble is ensures clients have the appropriate outline of technological needs and evaluates available of business solutions that suites best to the overall business needs of the clients businesses.


BuildPlan / NiMble team of consultants is uniquely qualified to provide the oversight required to deliver clients’ projects on time and to agreed standards of quality, scope, and function.
BuildPlan / NiMble have the experience to understand the challenges that clients’ face throughout the project process be it a construction to new business initiatives to new system launch and has the all-round skills and competencies to ensure the same.

MB Hylite Financials

NiMble along with MB Hylite Financials plugs in when clients are faced with complex business issues that stifle growth, increase costs, introduce new risks and increase of debts, the need is of not only best practices or simple point solutions, but an holistic approach of financial balancing and fine tuning. Profitable long-term growth and value-added insights require rethinking what has to be done with the resources in a strategic manner to drive transformative change.