Family Business Management

Family businesses represent the combination of two different systems. The family value system and the business value system. These systems are governed by values that are ironically polar opposites. Hence, conflicts arise as the family and its members struggle to determine which values should be used for which problem.

At NiMble we have in depth skills and experience to understand what makes family and closely held businesses unique. Through our FBM team, we provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for both the family and the business. In our solution we incorporate family ties and which are appropriately connected to family values and best business practices. The strategies recommended are not theories – they are proven success strategies for family businesses which ensure its growth and family harmony.

Listing of the services:

  • Tri circle strategy – family / ownership / business management
  • Family Charter
  • Business Strategic Plan
  • Family Wealth Management Plan

We at NiMble believe that since every family is different, every family business is unique. Consequently, NiMble approaches each consultation with a “clean slate” and custom designs each consultation based on the initial information gathered in the engagement process.

NiMble helps design a plan to strengthen, secure, and grow family businesses so it can thrive for generations to come.