NiMble is a management consulting organisation helping companies to improve bottom lines and sustain growth through better business process and sound management practise. We start by understanding the key business drivers for growth and profit and then devise processes and suggest practices that organisations can implement with ease.


Many companies look towards Mergers and Acquisition to ensure growth or sustain growth. This means that in order to ensure the merger or acquisition takes place, a series of tasks have to be undertaken to ensure flawless and comprehensive deal. We at NiMble specialize in providing very crucial services which will assist our clients to focus on the business aspects of the deal and depend on us to provide them will all the data and information which have been verified and is converted into knowledge for application in key decision making.


NiMble has acquired in depth skills in successfully implementing RTGS for Central Banks. We assist our clients with RTGS logic, design, specification and implementation. We also provide support after "Go Live" for the system to mature and be productive for the objectives set by the client.


NiMble signed a contract with Saifee Hospital for Team building & Leadership training
NiMble signed a contract with Chaiwal Business Group for Family Business Management
NiMble signed a contract with Tananarive AMSB for procedure manual