Real Time Gross Settlement

NiMble has acquired in depth skills in successfully implementing RTGS for Central Banks. We assist our clients with RTGS logic, design, specification and implementation. We also provide support after “Go Live” for the system to mature and be productive for the objectives set by the client.

At NiMble our approach to RTGS implementation starts from collaborative identification of the different users requirement which is then mapped to the client’s needs and business logic. This is then converted into the system architecture and an RFP is developed to get an appropriate vendor. At the same time technical infrastructure architecture is also designed and RFP created for identifying appropriate vendor. NiMble will also assist in the evaluation of the bidding documents and if required by the client will Project Manage the implementation on behalf of the client.

NiMble believes in ensuring best practices use and compliance with international standards and use of the best technology. We make sure the client gets the best output from our integrated services.


Nimble Business Solution believes that a strategy for communication is critical to the success of an organization. Comprehensive communication strategy for at least three years and within that having an annual communication plan is an integral part of an overall strategy and planning of an organization irrespective of its size. A communication plan need not be an expensive proposition, one need to use ingenuity to develop a communication plan to minimize expenses and maximize return on investments.


We can define the supply chain as "the full range of activities which are required to bring a product or service from conception, through the different phases of production (involving a combination of physical transformation and the input of various producer services), delivery to final consumers and final disposal after use (Kaplinsky and Morris)." Nimble uses the above mentioned concept, to strategically recommend tools and actions to arrive at solutions.

Business Performance

Nimble Business Solutions gives equal importance to supporting the organization's management in their procurement process, therein increasing the efficiency, fairness and transparency of the expenditure for its resources is of top priority. Nimble Business Solution ensures that procurement is conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract, which may require that funds are used only for the purposes for which the funds are allotted. The Procurement Strategy provides the requisite guidance necessary to carry out the mandate for the client’s procurement.

Banking Technology

The banking software is the business engine for successful bank. Our banking solutions provide excellent and in-depth functional coverage coupled with state of art technologies.

Change Management

Managing change will require high level of discipline among the primary players where they co-operate with each other and sees each other as partners and not competitors. The realignment process will then set up the momentum of growth and prosperity for all the players and create an environment in which each of the player maximize their interest without causing hindrance in the growth of the others. The process of "Change" needs to be initiated at the earliest and the Nimble feels that the mobilization of the community is the initiation point of it. The desired outcome of the activity is a conceptualization of a common platform of activity, trade, and support in terms of both physical and financial hand holding.