NiMble is a management consulting organisation helping companies to improve bottom lines and sustain growth through better business process and sound management practise. We start by understanding the key business drivers for growth and profit and then devise processes and suggest practices that organisations can implement with ease.

We compare and share processes existing in similar industries and functional areas to stay on the path of practical counsel. We draw a blue-print with activity plans that provide a road-map for organisations that want to enter into a new business area or seek a turnaround of a sagging business operation. We recommend technology solutions that improve operation efficiency and standardise business processes.

NiMble is a premier boutique consulting firm in the region which is ready to take on board specialised assignments in different sectors of the market place from financial to aviation. With strong in house knowledge and experience, NiMble has a strong network of Subject Matter Experts who they team up with to provide the best possible services in a focused and structured approach. With a strong presence in Middle East, NiMble is now developing with international consulting companies to work in Africa and Mediterranean countries.